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Wishes can be designed
Design can be lived

خدمات طراحی صنعتی و طراحی کالا در اصفهان و تهران

Industrial design services

خدمات طراحی گرافیک بدنه محصول و طراحی کالا در اصفهان و تهران

Product graphic design

ایده پردازی و حل مسأله در اصفهان و تهران

Problem solving and design consulting

مدلسازی و ساخت ماکت در اصفهان و تهران

Making models and prototypes

طراحی بازی و طراحی بسته بندی در اصفهان و تهران

Packaging Design

مشاوره ساخت و تولید در اصفهان و تهران

Manufacturing consulting

طراحی صنعتی آیدینگ، طراحی قطعه فایبرگلاس در اصفهان و تهران

Industrial design / Product design

i'ding Design Studio is ready to provide various industrial design and product design services to knowledge-based manufacturers, factories and companies. In the world of industrial design, the ultimate goal is to create value for the consumer, the producer, and, more broadly, for society as a whole.

Product graphic design

Graphic design of products is a layer of design that is less considered in domestic production. By implementing graphic design on products and goods, the appearance of products can be improved with minimal cost. At i'ding Design Studio, we will help you design and execute graphics for your products.
شرکت طراحی صنعتی آیدینگ، طراحی گرافیک بدنه محصول در اصفهان و تهران
شرکت طراحی صنعتی آیدینگ، نوآوری، ایده پردازی و حل مسأله در اصفهان و تهران

Design and problem solving consulting

To produce new products, two approaches of developmental design and innovative design are used. We help you solve your design, manufacturing and production problems and are with you in the process of creating and developing your products.

Sample projects

Providing a variety of industrial design services, idea generation, manufacturing consulting and production