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About Us

استودیو آیدینگ، شرکت طراحی صنعتی / i'ding Studio, Industrial Design Company

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We started our work in the form of ” i’ding Design Studio ” in 2016 with the aim of providing various industrial design services.

We have always tried to experience various projects and challenges in various fields of industrial design and other fields of design and construction. We have done various projects in the field of product body design, product graphic design, making models and prototypes, designing games and entertainment, making fiberglass parts, and so on.

Basically, we do not limit design to a brief range of activities and projects. What drives us as a creative team is our desire to make the world a better place to live, sometimes by designing a product for the kitchen, sometimes by designing a medical device, sometimes by designing a game !

Our Services

+ Industrial Design / Product Design

+ Product Graphic Design

+ Packaging Design

+ Making Models and Prototypes

+ Problem solving and Design Consulting

+ Manufacturing and Production Consulting

طراحی مفهومی چراغ شهری/طراحی صنعتی، ایده پردازی

Exactly in what matters can we provide services

  • Initial design of the product
  • Practical and formal ideation
  • Design with ergonomic considerations
  • 3D file design
  • Provide computer renderings
  • Select the color, surface and material of the product parts
  • Design of graphic elements of the product body
  • Make a demo of the product
  • Making functional models (prototypes)
  • Advice on choosing the method of production of parts
جواز تأسیس واحد فنی مهندسی طراحی صنعتی/عماد رضایت، محدثه فرامرزی

Holder of a license to establish a technical unit of industrial design engineering from the Ministry of Industry, Mines, Trade

Our Team

عماد رضایت، طراح صنعتی / Emad Rezayat, Industrial Designer

Emad Rezayat

Founder / Designer


Bachelor of Industrial Design

Tehran University of Arts


Master of Industrial Design

Iran University of Science and


محدثه فرامرزی، طراح صنعتی / Mohadese Faramarzi, Industrial Designer

Mohadese Faramarzi

Founder / Designer


Bachelor of Industrial Design

Isfahan university of art


Master of Industrial Design

University of Tehran

حمیدرضا گوگردچیان، طراح / Hamidreza Googerdchian, Designer

Hamidreza Googerdchian



Bachelor of Architecture

Isfahan university of art


Master of Architecture

Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran


امیر کمالی، طراح مکانیک / Amir Kamali, Mechanical Design Engineer

Amir Kamali

Mechanical Designer


Bachelor of Mechanics

Kashan University


Master of Mechanics

Isfahan University of Technology

علی تسبندی، طراح / Ali Tasbandi, Designer

Ali Tasbandi

Designer / Product Manager


Bachelor of Industrial Design

Isfahan university of art


Expert in marketing and project


pcp 700

Pooya Camposite Parsian

Fiberglass Production Team

استودیو الاین / Align Studio

Align Studio

Designer and Consultant

We are ready to cooperate with manufacturers, factories and knowledge-based companies in various fields.